The last meeting in Turkey finished

21.04.2014 / 10:00

The last meeting in Karaman, Turkey according the application form and the changements among all partners' schools is in the past yet.

According the work program we were one day in Konya just after our arriving at the airport. Second day was the Welcome party in the Mevlana Ortaokulu , changed the materials-T-shirts, bags and caps. Afternoon was dedicated to visit some interesting museums in the town. Next day we departed very early in the morning to Capadokia, where we had a wonderful day and saw many interesting places.

The 4th day we planted rose from every partner in the school garden and Mr Ziya gave the Certificates.We visited some clasrooms and the students with SEN-they were working together with their teachers, one teacher for every child. The last day we departed together with our Italian friendsfrom Karaman to Konya, where we took the same flight Konya-Istambul. In Istambul we saw The Blue mosque, the church Saint Sofia , the Topkapi palais and befor our departure from Istanbul to Sliven we saw the beach from a ship, it was a short trip in the Bosfore.

We returned back in Bulgaria ful of good impressions and souvenir from our hospitable Turkish hosts.

We hope to have the possibility to participate in other project in the future.

More photos

Museum of "Dervishes"
to the historical museum
The mosque near Mevlana's museum
the museum
In the school
Welcome tradition in Turkey
Changement of materials
Changement of materials
Changement of materials
Changement of materials
Changement of materials
Work discussion
Visit of the children with SEN
Visiting Elementary classes
The exposition in the school
Welcome programme
The hotel



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