15.02.2015 / 14:24

We participate in an eTwinning project in honour of the International Year of light. This is the presentation of the school's team.

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Logo eTwinning
18.10.2014 / 10:48

During this school year we begin with the participation in two online projects by the platform eTwinning+. First project has the title "Box of Experiments 1.0" and is an useful tool for many teachers of science. Second project is "International Year of Ligth", devoted of the...

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The book
11.08.2014 / 10:56

The last product of our Comenius project is ready. The book with many pictures, information about all partners, schools' newspapers, questionnaries, the dictionary.The book tells about our two years project works, activities and tasks and could be seen in the school's library from all students,...

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Logo 2nd page
04.06.2014 / 19:07

During the last week we prepared the final products and one of the very important products will be the book. We discused the ideas about the covers-it is the special task for our team as the coordinator of the project.Mrs Staeva-the coordinator, Mrs Urumova- Assistant headmaster and cosultant, Mr...

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Bulgarian and Romanian products
01.05.2014 / 07:23

In Karaman, Turkey all partners presented their final products. Our T-shirts with the title of the project, caps and bags with the project logo, the caps,T-shirts and bags of Romania with the logo of the project as well as these of Poland;Italians were made only bags and Turkish partner made...

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Welcome again in the school
21.04.2014 / 13:14

In the morning we went to the school and we planted rose rfom every partner in the School garden. We visited some lessons in the low secondary classes and we saw the picture of our ex-student Simona that we gave to the Turkish friends in Poland on the wall-a very special good feeling for all of our...

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21.04.2014 / 10:44

The second day-trip to Capadokia. We departed very early in the morning on 9th April because the trip was long. We had packets as breakfast and we visited firstly the underground part of the museum, where were hided the very first Christians. The next visit was at the houses and Churches in the...

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21.04.2014 / 10:00

The last meeting in Karaman, Turkey according the application form and the changements among all partners' schools is in the past yet.According the work program we were one day in Konya just after our arriving at the airport. Second day was the Welcome party in the Mevlana Ortaokulu , changed the...

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All pictures
25.03.2014 / 18:29

All teachers and students work seriously for the preparation of the presents, souvenirs and final products because the last meeting in Turkey is approaching. The pictures are ready made by Mr Rumen Petrov they are beautiful. The idea was of Mrs Staeva-the coordinator of the project.

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23.03.2014 / 06:53

We prepared part of the final products that we will take in Turkey-T-shirts, bags, caps. Students wrote their funny stories and drew comics for their friends of the partners' schools. Some students wrote messages and opinion about their participation in the project activities.There are clips with...

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